5 Great Ways to Use Dry Erase Tape in Speech Therapy

Have you all heard of dry erase tape? I have started seeing it pop up on some teaching forums and in the classrooms at my school, and it got me thinking how I could use it in my therapy sessions. This stuff is awesome, seriously! Here are my favorite ways to use it in speech […]

Spring and Easter Freebies by Target Goal Area

Hi Everyone! Things are finally warming up, and it is time to start planning your therapy activities for the Easter/spring season! Below you will find all of our favorite spring freebies organized by target goal area for your convenience! We hope you enjoy them as much as we have! Articulation /r, s, l, sh, th/ […]

Avoiding Burnout as a School Based SLP

When I was in grad school, my parents met a flight attendant who was a former SLP. She told them that she just wanted to do something that wasn’t so stressful and overwhelming, and that she just couldn’t take it anymore. As a student in the field, hearing this was disconcerting to say the least. […]

Addressing Anxiety in Fluency Therapy

I think it is important to talk a little bit about why we tackle speaking anxiety with our fluency students. A good number of you ask the question, “Is this in our scope of practice?” and the short answer is, absolutely. So very many of our fluency students experience anxiety, and anxiety leads to muscle […]

Tuesday Tip: “Pinning” Documents With a Stapler

Do you ever staple your draft IEPs together to stay organized for a meeting, only to remove all the staples to make copies of the signature pages later?┬áIf you don’t already know about “pinning” documents with your stapler, you are sure to be excited about this one! Open your stapler and lift up on the […]