Using Bowling Blocks in Speech Therapy


GUYS… I bought two sets of Halloween themed bowling blocks at Target Dollar Spot (they were $3.00. (???)) and they have allowed for SO many fun therapy sessions. I am always looking to not only spruce up the “sit-at-a-table” sessions, but also to incorporate some activity into the learning. Well, this has done just that. The kids are insanely loving it. I will probably hear, “can we bowl today?” until May, but hey, whatever works, amiright?

Here’s how I transformed these cute blocks into speech, language, and fluency therapy:


First, I cut strips of laminated card stock into rectangles (roughly 1″x2″ but honestly, I eyeballed them). I then attached hook and loop fasteners to the backs of those rectangles and to the backs of the bowling blocks. Next, I attached the two parts together and trimmed excess paper  that was showing  from the front as needed.


Finally, I used a fine tip dry erase marker to write my target skills on the laminated rectangles. SO SIMPLE! These are easily reusable- just wipe off and write on new targets! I saved a few extra rectangles with the hook and loop on the backs to quickly change out targets while we are working. I’ve used synonyms, antonyms, categories, verbs, adjectives, describing, themed vocabulary, articulation targets, fluency techniques, multiple meaning words, and more with this game; the possibilities are endless. These are also great to target social skills like turn taking and teamwork (setting up the blocks for the other person) .


Here’s how I set up the session:

The kids come in and I explain the rules of bowling (if they haven’t played before) and their targeted skill focus for the day. We talk a bit about their skill and then we begin playing. Each child takes an individual turn rolling the (eye)ball down the “lane” (floor) toward the bowling pins. When they knock a pin over, they have to practice their skill with the word on the back of how ever many blocks they knocked down. They move those blocks out of the way and hand them to the next person in line to start setting up their bowling lane a few feet away. The student gets one more turn to try to knock down any remaining blocks and repeat the process. We use the same set of scoring rules for regular bowling (except, obviously, there are only 6 pins).

Look for these adorable sets at your nearest Target Dollar ($3) Spot and try them for yourself! What’s your favorite dollar spot find? Any other ideas for ways to use these in sessions? Let me know in the comments!

Speech, Teach, & Love,


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