Companion Activities for Wordless Picture Books

Have you tried wordless picture books with your groups?

If not, I highly recommend it. They open the door to discussion and allow for therapists to target SO MANY goals at once. They are also perfect for non-readers, and older students who struggle with reading and typically shut down when you pull out a book in a group setting.

You may be nervous to try a wordless picture book, but you’ll be relieved to find that there are already materials made to help guide you through how to best utilize them. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel! These five book companions provide fantastic ideas and resources for adding wordless picture books to your therapy tool kit.

Flora the Flamingo.png

“Flora and the Flamingo” is an adorable book by Molly Idle, showcasing a girl who befriends and dances with a flamingo. The companion packet from Speech is Sweet is currently FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers. Download it now for following directions, “wh” questions, describing, sorting, and fl blend articulation printables.



The Girl.png

Mark Pett’s wordless picture book, “The Girl and the Bicycle” tells the story of a persistent little girl who diligently works towards her goal of buying a shiny new bicycle. Our companion activities include activities and worksheets to focus on skills including: inferencing, comprehension, story retell, sequencing, describing, comparing/contrasting, verb tenses, sentence structure, pronouns, qualitative & spatial concepts, articulation, and fluency.




Bill Thomson delights readers with his book “Chalk”, about two kids who discover a magical bag of chalk on a rainy day.  You can download companion activities from Speech Time Fun that make it easy to target a wide variety of goals, including sequencing, “wh” questions, higher level questions, verbs, predicting, cause/effect, tier 2 vocabulary, and describing.




“Tuesday,” by David Wiesner is a fun, wordless story about frogs on a frolic. The companion activities, created by A Green and Gold Speech Therapist will make it easy to use the book to target vocabulary, verb tense, adjectives, prepositions, sequencing, synonyms, comparing and contrasting, emotions, senses, articulation/phonology, and story retell. I really enjoyed using the open ended game board and card game that came in the packet.


Flotsam Final

“Flotsam,” by David Wiesner is about a little boy who finds a mysterious camera and had the pictures developed. Cathy Ruth has made an extremely unique lapbook activity to accompany the book. The lapbook format includes inferencing, illustration prompts, text-to-self application, map work, science and history connections, character study, and a flip-book study of reality versus fantasy.

NOTE: The books mentioned in this blog post are not included with any of the companion packets and must be purchased separately. The creators of these companion activities have no affiliations with the authors of the books, and have simply created speech and language activities can be used with the stories.

Speech, Teach, and Love,


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