Winter Freebies by Target Goal Area!

Hello everyone!

The holiday frenzy is coming to an end and it is time to start planning therapy for that long stretch between New Years and Valentine’s Day. Below you will find all of our favorite winter freebies organized by target goal area for your convenience! Enjoy, and happy planning!

Freebie Post.png


/g/, /l/, /l/ blends, /p/, /r/, Vocalic /r/, /s/, /s/ blends, /sh/, /t/, /th/, /v/ and an open-ended page

/s, z, r, th, l, sh, ch, j/





/s, z, r/

Initial /r/


/s/ blends

/s/ blends



Phonological Processes Velar Fronting

Phonological Awareness

Phonemic Awareness S Blends



Following Directions

Following Directions

Following Complex Directions



Yes/No Questions


Category Sorting


Pronouns Interactive Book

Third person pronouns

Verb Tenses

Basic Concepts Interactive Book



Winter Social Cues


Winter Clothes Social Story Boy

Winter Clothes Social Story Girl

Fact Vs. Opinion

Facts Vs. Opinion

Pragmatic Problem Solving

Indirect Requests



Graphic Organizers

Reading Comprehension

Main idea

Graphic Organizers

Open ended: for mixed groups and all those other goals!


Do you have a freebie you think belongs on this list? Comment on this post or email us at

Speech, Teach, and Love,


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