5 Great Ways to Use Dry Erase Tape in Speech Therapy

Have you all heard of dry erase tape? I have started seeing it pop up on some teaching forums and in the classrooms at my school, and it got me thinking how I could use it in my therapy sessions. This stuff is awesome, seriously! Here are my favorite ways to use it in speech […]

Addressing Anxiety in Fluency Therapy

I think it is important to talk a little bit about why we tackle speaking anxiety with our fluency students. A good number of you ask the question, “Is this in our scope of practice?” and the short answer is, absolutely. So very many of our fluency students experience anxiety, and anxiety leads to muscle […]

Supporting Educators As They Implement A.A.C.

Hi everyone! I want to talk about an area of difficulty many of us experience in the schools when working with students with complex communication needs. Often we put in the time and effort to implement a communication book or other high tech AAC device only to experience abandonment of these tools at the classroom […]